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Matuu: My family Composition

Name:Kyalo Musyoka School:Matuu pri. class:5 Composition Topic :My family My family has many people. My father, my mother, my sister,my sister,my sister another, me and brother who follows me. The one who is old is called kasiva but she beat … Continue reading

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……. The beans that I cherished with all my heart, Nurtured them till maturity, Held them more closer than my skin And most of all my identity as a man, she just spilled them and stepped on one…… Damn that … Continue reading

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………I do?… did?… do…?

when u first meet its all glamour and smiles all  the outings, the surprises , love and  fun. Then you decide to push it further and let the family and friends know that you are in love and cant wait to spend … Continue reading

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“Abandu abajinga, shivamanyire okhufwala…” (stupid people they dont know that i am wearing…)

Luhya, lunjes Omakhokho this is for u… Four Kenyans were on death row for a very serious felony offence. They were given four types of the death penalty options to choose from: electric chair, firing squad, hanging, and HIV INJECTION. … Continue reading

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Kikuyus in Heaven! Very very Funny!

Am a Kikuyu and I stole this note! Read on… Where Kikuyus are…… there must be a problem….. and a solution in the making…….. Angel Gabriel came to the Lord and said ‘I have to talk to you. We have … Continue reading

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BEST INSHA: CENTRAL PROVINCE KCPE 2011 Care Of a forwarded email..and it made my day, so i thot id share it wid you.:) Turikuwa tumerara for for for. Tukasikia mayowe kwa jilani..wuuuuui… wuuui.. wuuuu…, Kusikia mayowe kwa jilani kwanza nikarenga!!!..Kusikia wuuuui … Continue reading

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C/O A forwarded Email.. I was asleep. The jogoo shouted three times, I opened one eye and left the other to sleep abit. I was wishing I had slept with my uniforms putted on, but I realised if wishes were … Continue reading

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