……. The beans that I cherished with all my heart,

Nurtured them till maturity,

Held them more closer than my skin

And most of all my identity as a man,

she just spilled them and stepped on one……

Damn that really hurts,

shaking me To the root source of my being,

I thought We were meant to be,

it seems not or rather Its really rather hot for me to conclude “That’s not the only pot,pots are many All sizes and qualities.”

I say to myself, Even though I know that I can never get another Like hers.

I loved the way she cooked, A beans soup like no other,

with her nice clay pot, anything I bring home to cook Comes out perfect.

Indeed she wronged me, and I did so too We were both wrong.

Girl no matter how good my Beans are I need your Pot,and you need my beans, To bring out that Delicious beans soup.

I need to respect your pot and You my beans

We cant do without each other,

FORGIVENESS Is what we need,LOVE is what we have and HOPE is what we share, I need you for us to be complete()


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