………I do?… did?… do…?

when u first meet its all glamour and smiles all  the outings, the surprises , love and  fun.

Then you decide to push it further and let the family and friends know that you are in love and cant wait to spend the rest of your life together knowing that both of you just cant keep their  hands off each other, the world would be meaningless without your other half, this is the one person who connects you to the world, the one person who gives meaning to your life and makes you want to wake up in the morning to see the new day with them . this is the only person who tells you its OK to be you as they will not judge you. they accept you as you are. you can be stupid in front of him and he still loves you.

you are perfect, the Lord made you for each other , they were the missing rib. you understand each other so well that even in silence you communicate perfectly.

then you get married. you just cant express the felicity. everyone is in a gaiety mood. the honey moon is a blessing and you promise to re live  that time for the rest of your life. till death do us part, you say.

months or days or years down the line, the outings are no more, the surprises ended and the real person has resurfaced.

you now cant stand each other, their presence alone irritates you. you hate the way they chew, how they breath , their breath, how they squeeze the toothpaste, the way they sneeze, how they laugh and the smile that once made you weak now has a way of making you throw up. you now notice every bad thing about them.

what happened to the smile you’d wear when you saw him? the person who completed your world now suffocates you. don’t you remember the vows you made  in church before eye witnesses?  for better or worse. why are you now  choosing to break it? was it never love?  you start asking yourself if you rushed things or made a mistake.

love is patience, love is kindness, love is selfless and keeps a record of no wrongs. this is how the Holy book defines it.  its not easy to understand what really happened but truth of the matter is ,this is the real person,  no more pretense, the shouting, the nagging, the lies, disappointments, mistrust, extravagance, untidiness,roughness, rudeness is now in the open. this is what you have to live with for the rest of  your life.

this is when you sit down,suck it up and work on it.
we all pretend but cant do it forever.  life is good and when we learn to accept that everyone is not like us then we can live in peace.

Realtionships are about two people, dont let anyone come in between the both of you and  Finally let your forever mean exactly that, FOREVER!

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