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“Abandu abajinga, shivamanyire okhufwala…” (stupid people they dont know that i am wearing…)

Luhya, lunjes Omakhokho this is for u… Four Kenyans were on death row for a very serious felony offence. They were given four types of the death penalty options to choose from: electric chair, firing squad, hanging, and HIV INJECTION. … Continue reading

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Kikuyus in Heaven! Very very Funny!

Am a Kikuyu and I stole this note! Read on… Where Kikuyus are…… there must be a problem….. and a solution in the making…….. Angel Gabriel came to the Lord and said ‘I have to talk to you. We have … Continue reading

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BEST INSHA: CENTRAL PROVINCE KCPE 2011 Care Of a forwarded email..and it made my day, so i thot id share it wid you.:) Turikuwa tumerara for for for. Tukasikia mayowe kwa jilani..wuuuuui… wuuui.. wuuuu…, Kusikia mayowe kwa jilani kwanza nikarenga!!!..Kusikia wuuuui … Continue reading

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