When Mum’s “if’s” and “is” rest.

  Now this sound’s crazy i know but its so true. i have to learn this from my own mother. Right from the time i was conceived, her job began, ‘ to worry’. the what ifs begin and believe me when i say they don’t end until she is six feet under.

At one year am crawling and she cant help but worry when am out of her sight, i could swallow something harmful , hurt myself or even fall off and the weirdest of all imaginations, someone could kidnap me, even from my own house and keeping in mind that we got no enemies.

this keeps on and am now i am in my teens.  now she is even more scared than before, the what ifs have doubled. ‘ what if she gets a boyfriend and is distracted from her studies?, what if she gets pregnant? what if she becomes friendly with the wrong crowd and drop out of school? what if she doesn’t make it to collage or campus?  what if he starts drugs? what if he goes out and gets arrested? what if she goes out and gets raped? what if shes is killed out there partying? what if she embarrasses me in public? these any many more what ifs that would happen in my teenage life.

 All my papa can say is , “you better make sure your daughter does not bring us shame” , ….i mean  he now forgets that i got his DNA in me :-). I made it through my teens and did not ‘shame the family’ , now in my mid twenties and all she can ask me is ‘ when are you bringing this man home so we meet him? , when am i holding my grandchild? where is the woman who did not want me having a boyfriend  few years back? i cant help but laugh. all Papa can say now is , ‘we should take her to church to be prayed for and she could be delivered, get a man and give us little ones.

FINALLY! i get a man take him home. everyone is happy and i am too,and as i know or should i say think, mama can  finally sit back,relax and enjoy her old age, but this is not the case, 🙂 the ‘ what ifs and the whens are no more but there’s a new one at its disposal. the ‘is’ ?!!!@#

“is” he treating you right?  “is” he caring ? “is he this” ,”is he that”. “are the in laws good enough”? do they love her???

Before long ….i get children and the cycle begins all over again,and she shifts her focus to my little ones. all in all , mothers are the best and we love them. i speak from a woman’s point but believe that my brothers would testify to this and you all would agree with me that MOTHERS get to rest when they lay to rest.

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16 Responses to When Mum’s “if’s” and “is” rest.

  1. sam says:

    Nice article

  2. Chege esther says:

    Nice one.

  3. barbara says:

    jst like my mum hahahaha 🙂

  4. Mekar karimi says:

    The nature of a mummy

  5. benjah g kibui says:

    true 4 our mothers ts all tireless life 4 us

  6. denno says:

    mothers 4 life yap!!

  7. Rachel says:

    i like.. v.true

  8. Jared okong'o says:

    Didn’t know mums care dat much. Mum juu…

  9. very well said. mammy is the best in the world, greatest of legends, holiest of hollies and strongest of strong.Loves, cares, kind and concerned all at the same time.God Bless MAMMY

  10. Lincoln njaramba says:

    I AGREE witya.

  11. kakishuta kanahara says:

    so true… Love you mama!

  12. Leah john says:

    Congratulations to mami

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